NCQA Statement on Hosting the Health Innovation Summit in Florida

As the nation's leading evaluator of healthcare quality, we strongly disagree with policies that inhibit equal access to evidence-based, high-quality care for any individual or community.  Recent legislative activity in Florida has prompted the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Human Rights Campaign, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and Equality Florida, among other organizations, to issue travel advisories for the state.

Considering these developments, and some calls for boycotts of Florida venues, NCQA would like to address our decision to move forward with holding the Health Innovation Summit in Orlando this fall.

The legislation cited in the advisories runs counter to our mission and core beliefs; chief among them, that there is no quality without equity. We recognize the concerns that have been raised about meeting in Orlando and respect the decision not to attend events in Florida made by those who oppose the laws and/or feel unsafe traveling there. We believe, however, that avoiding locations where policymaking has a negative impact on health is not the optimal way to register our opposition and may, in fact, lead to the isolation of, and a continued deterioration of care for, the very communities against whom the policies are aimed. Instead, we will use the Summit to shine a light on this impact and to add our voice to those advocating for greater equity and inclusion throughout the healthcare system and our society.

The Summit will feature a plenary session addressing how Florida’s policies—and policies in other states—will affect the health and well-being of impacted communities. This session will complement the 15 sessions we have scheduled on equity-related topics.

We will also work with our hosts at the Gaylord Hotel and Marriott International to ensure that our vendors include businesses owned and operated by persons representing a diversity of lived experiences and backgrounds. We will partner with and support the efforts of Florida advocacy organizations to reduce inequities and advance equitable care for all Floridians. We will also provide a virtual version of the Summit for people who choose not to join us in Orlando.

We believe adding our voice and actions to support those who share our mission is the best way to improve the health of our nation. We will continue to seek opportunities to collaborate with others to advance our shared goals of better and more equitable health care.

NCQA Leadership