Call for Speakers 

Showcase Your Innovative Solutions
and Quality Improvement Initiatives

NCQA is seeking Speakers for our 2024 Health Innovation Summit. The NCQA Health Innovation Summit aims to connect and inspire quality-minded stakeholders and accelerate delivery of quality health care. The Summit focuses all aspects of quality, including digital solutions, health equity, value-based care and more.

Who we are looking for:

  1. Health care leaders who did the work and now have the results to show for it. We appreciate the candidness and the ability to admit where a project went wrong so that our audience can learn from your work.
  2. Speakers who can keep our audience engaged and informed at the same time.

What we look for:

  1. Novelty! How has your team's intervention taken a unique approach to addressing a need?
  2. Collaboration! Joint efforts through strategic partnerships are encouraged to apply! 
  3. The Summit is centered around best practice sharing. As such, this format is not for product pitches, so focus on the big problem you are working to solve.

Content areas:

  1. Health Equity
  2. Digital Quality
  3. Population Health Priorities
  4. NCQA best practices
  5. HEDIS®
  6. Interoperability – best practices for quality use cases
  7. Data Integrity
  8. Value-based Care
  9. Virtual Care


  1. Breakout sessions are 50 minutes in duration and may have no more than three (3) speakers on a panel or session. 
  2. The Summit covers a variety of topics, so please be specific.
  3. We are happy to consider a co-presenter for these sessions if your mission or announcement is being supported by a strategic partnership.

For additional details, review the Health Innovation Summit Speaker Guidelines

The first submission deadline is: February 2, 2024. Round one scoring will begin on February 7, 2024.
If we are unable to fill all agenda slots via the first round of scoring, we will continue to review and consider proposals submitted after February 2nd on a first come first serve basis until all agenda slots are filled.

Submitters must complete this webform for proposal consideration and review.

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Closes 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, February 29, 2024