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Hilary Hatch, PhD
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Chief Clinical Officer
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Hilary Hatch, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and passionate champion of the patient voice in healthcare, serves as Chief Clinical Officer at Phreesia, where she leads the development of clinical programs and research partnerships. Phreesia is the measure steward of the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM), a tool that assesses an individual’s knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their own health, and the PAM’s associated performance measure (PAM-PM). The PAM is backed up by over 800 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its efficacy to predict health-related behaviors, clinical and mental health outcomes, treatment satisfaction across numerous patient populations and chronic diseases, and healthcare costs. Dr. Hatch and her team are responsible for working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to include the PAM-PM in quality programs. The PAM-PM is in use in the CMS Innovation Center’s Kidney Care Choices program and is included in MIPS as a high priority outcome measure across 18 specialties and 5 MIPS Value Pathways.

Dr. Hatch and her team also partner with healthcare organizations to improve quality performance through the implementation of patient-reported outcomes (PROs), social determinants of health (SDOH), behavioral health screenings and modules to close gaps in care.

In addition, Dr. Hatch oversees research partnerships with organizations such as The Commonwealth Fund, Harvard University, City University of New York, and the National Kidney Foundation on topics including patient access, vaccine hesitancy, and best practices for collecting self-reported data. She also represents Phreesia as a member of the National Quality Forum’s Leadership Consortium, which gathers to discuss urgent healthcare issues and identify strategies to improve healthcare quality. Prior to joining Phreesia, Dr. Hatch was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vital Score, a digital health company acquired by Phreesia in 2018. She was an Instructor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and serves on the faculty of the Psychoanalytic Association of NY (PANY), which is affiliated with NYU Langone Health.

She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from City University of New York, a postdoctoral certificate in psychoanalysis from PANY, and a BA from Columbia College.
Hilary Hatch, PhD