Explore the Spectrum of Health Innovation

From best practices in care to next-gen technologies, the Health Innovation Summit features over 60 sessions covering a range of health care quality topics. This year’s program themes cover value-based care, health equity, digital quality solutions and behavioral health that has the potential to enhance health care quality in every way.

15 continuing education unit points for PCMH CCEs offered.


Impactful 15-minute presentations and demonstrations on health care quality products, services and initiatives.


Panel discussions supported by sponsoring organizations on specific therapeutic areas such as diabetes and asthma.

Meet the

Get your burning Accreditation/Credentialing, digital quality, FHIR Data Conformance   questions answered. 


Exchange ideas on trending topics, pressing challenges, initiatives or solutions with
like-minded peers.


Come prepared for active participation in hands-on workshop sessions designed with a focus
on health care quality. 


Inspiring keynote presentations, engaging interview-style Fireside Chats with audience Q&A,
moderated plenary panels.


 Individual or co-presented sessions examining best practices, strategies and resources that can improve all aspects of health care quality.


There is no quality without equity, and leading quality organizations understand that health equity has to be integrated with their quality strategy. Hear directly from those that are taking actionable steps to remove obstacles and improve disparities, propel health care toward true equity for everyone. 

Digital Quality

Long a vision, digital quality transformation has arrived. Digital quality will lead to reduced burden and costs, better alignment throughout healthcare, and ultimately better care and outcomes. But to be successful, this transformation requires strong partnerships between payers, providers and their technology and data partners. Learn from policy and quality leaders embracing this transformation about how you can build a digital quality ecosystem that can improve care for your patients, enable continuous quality improvement, and make you succeed in new and emerging accountability models. 

Behavior Health

The demand for mental health and substance use care is significantly rising, especially during and after the pandemic. Consequently, the health care industry is developing new types of service delivery, new technologies and new payment models to help ensure behavioral health is integrated into care models. Join the behavioral health care accelerators to learn how they are successful in meeting this critical need.

Value-based Care

As value-based care continues to grow, organizations are learning what works as they explore new and expanding accountability models. Find out how organizations are improving quality with new and innovative models of care while ensuring important priorities like equity and behavioral health are baked into value-based care models.