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Chris Grasso
Job Title
Health IT Executive
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Speaker Bio
Chris Grasso, MPH, is a Healthcare Executive with over 20 years of experience working in healthcare, research and technology. Under her leadership, she has assisted organizations in becoming an early adopter of health information technology and developed tools to improve data capture and clinical decision support. She was instrumental in getting sexual orientation and gender identity fields (SOGI) fields integrated into Fenway Health’s EHR which shaped the SOGI requirements for EHR Certification and HRSA SOGI data requirements. She has provided training to health care organizations on how to implement the SOGI questions and analyze LGBTQIA+ health outcomes. She participates on local and national advisory boards providing consultation and technical assistance on LGBTQIA+ health, HIT and data management. She has co-authored numerous articles on SOGI data collection and LGBTQIA+ health.
Chris Grasso