Full Name
Courtney Walker
Job Title
Health Outcomes Director - MM Health Equity
Organization Name
Novo Nordisk
Speaker Bio
Dr. Courtney L. Walker is the Health Outcomes Director – Health Equity within the Managed Markets Dept. at Novo Nordisk, Inc. This position has primary responsibility for engagement efforts with health equity champions in identified strategic and priority Managed Markets accounts and lead for the Health Equity Taskforce. This team has as a goal to ensure the MM team is well equipped to address the growing concerns from our internal/external stakeholders on the topic of health equity which includes Social Determinants of Health issues and overall resulting health disparities with patient outcome impact.

Nationally, Dr. Walker has been asked to be a speaker on health equity related topics at the 2023 Healthcare Innovation Congress, the 2023 Virginia Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Conference and the 2023 Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Annual Meeting.

Recently, Courtney served as the Medical Account Director within the Managed Markets (MM) team at Novo Nordisk. Dr. Walker engaged with large employers such as BP (British Petroleum), Southwest Airlines, AT&T, and US Steele who are attentive to the clinical crisis of obesity and diabetes in their employees. His aim is to assist these companies with the improvement of their employees’ health via proper medical management. More recently, Dr. Walker has been an advocate on COVID-19 and its health outcome impact on patients with health disparities associated with various health equity issues pertaining to social determinants of health.

Dr. Walker is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Houston, Texas.  Upon completion of his Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Walker completed a managed care pharmacy practice residency at Humana, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky and the University of Kentucky’s College of Pharmacy in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Prior to his current role, Dr. Walker worked for 5 years as a Senior Outcomes Liaison (specializing in mental health and diabetes medications) at Eli Lilly, Inc.  He then spent 4 years at Johnson and Johnson as a Senior Medical Liaison, specializing in rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology and autoimmune disorders. 

He has completed more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience and has given hundreds of clinical presentations across the country. Dr. Walker is active in his community by serving as an Elder in his local church and speaking at various diabetes/obesity-related events to improve clinical awareness. He was also a moderator for the 2018 Congressional Black Caucus in Washington, D.C. leading a discussion on Diabetes Awareness in the African American community.

Courtney is a 2018, 2020 Novo Nordisk Circle of Excellence (COE) Award Winner, the top award given annually to clinical employees in the organization.

He is the proud husband of Jocelyn, a Physical Therapist, and father to four great kids.
Courtney Walker