Making Consumer Data Actionable to Close Gaps in Healthcare
Date & Time
Monday, October 23, 2023, 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Making Data Useful

Like gold or oil, the value of data increases with refining—and the result benefits health plans, providers and, most important, consumer health.

In this session, five industry experts and longtime innovators will discuss methods and specific use cases on how actionable data help health payers, providers and members. When expertly orchestrated, actionable data boost health plan performance across multiple key measures, strengthen care delivery for providers and improve the health of individual members and entire patient populations.

The combined expertise of the five speakers—a renowned surgeon, a world-class clinician, a government program expert, a consumer health advocate, and a health plan success guru—will give attendees a holistic view of how today’s most innovative health plans and systems are turning mountains of data into actionable insights that improve the healthcare experience, and the overall health system.

Actionable data insights are everywhere. It’s time for healthcare’s key stakeholders to take advantage to improve consumer health.

Troy Jelinek Andrey Ostrovsky Marcus Osborne Oluseyi Aliu