Increasing Data Value While Fostering A Positive Environment
Date & Time
Monday, October 23, 2023, 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Making Data Useful

To accurately record electronic clinical data that can be used for HEDIS compliance, Florida Blue started the Supplemental Data (SDS) process, which ingests electronic medical record and encounter data from various sources and consolidates the data into a standard format. 

In 2021, Florida Blue switched from a dual HEDIS engine to a single engine to increase efficiency. This new process allows users to see the data missing in the engine that existed in the raw source data. Root cause analysis identified lack of controls and data oversight. A data stewardship community was created to oversee SDS data quality. Through this process, relationships were built and silos were broken down across the organization. 

This session will discuss:
• How to increase data quality.
• The data review process.
• How to know if data are valid.
• Are the results what you expected?
• Applications that can validate results.
• Who are the stakeholders, and which stakeholders have influence?
• How to build the right collaborative team.

Eric Glasnapp Cindy Hartig Iqbal Saini