Digital Quality – Adventures in Scaling and Operations
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
Driving Digital Quality

UPMC Health Plan is 3 years into its digital quality journey—a comprehensive transformation that includes clinical data integration, digital quality measurement, use of unstructured data and innovations in quality improvement programs. 

  • This session is valuable for anyone involved in the digital transformation of quality operations. Learn to build operations that are scalable, efficient and effective.
  • Speakers are technical partners who have deep experience in digital quality. They share their expertise and insights to expedite your digital HEDIS transformation. 
  • This information is vendor-agnostic, making it broadly relevant. The focus is on common problems and how to overcome them. Learn how to choose the right technology and avoid vendor lock-in.


  • Knowledge of how to overcome common barriers to digital quality measurement. 
  • Ideas for how to move faster towards digital HEDIS transformation, regardless of which IT system you use.
  • Insights into the challenges and opportunities of scaling digital quality systems, based on lessons from UPMC Health Plan's digital journey.
Robert Cleric Anthony Tran