A Theory of Everything for Technology-Enabled Diabetes Care
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 10:40 AM - 11:30 AM
Driving Digital Quality

Diabetes is a highly quantifiable disease, and data and technology have been a critical part of diabetes care for decades, but there has been little standardization or guidance on how they might be adapted and deployed to optimize care. 

In 2023 NCQA hosted a Digital Diabetes Therapeutics Roundtable in collaboration with the ADA. The roundtable highlighted challenges, including in the classifying technologies themselves, care delivery mechanisms, care delivery organizations and providers and the therapeutic intent or target of a given intervention. There are a number of granular ontologies and classification systems for some of these components, but no unified classification system for technology-enabled diabetes care.

This session will review foundational standards and ontologies, explore a conceptual framework of how they might be combined into a unified classification system and discuss real-world applications of such a system, such as evaluating access, equity, quality, outcomes and value. It will cover key data and metadata considerations so implementations of this system can follow FAIR principles (data are findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable), where applicable.

Juan Espinoza